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Environ Focus Care Youth+ Hydro-Lipidic 3DSynergé Filler Crème£85.00



Focus Care Youth+ 3DSynergé Filler Crème by Environ helps create a fuller, plumped skin effect. It has a filling, stimulating, repairing and strongly moisturising effect. One advanced formulation inspired by two dermal filler techniques to target the three dimensions of youth.

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Helps to smooth the look of facial lines and restore a rejuvenated, plump youthfulness to the skins appearance.


Hydro-Lipidic 3DSynergé Filler Crème is designed to stimulate the skins natural synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid to smooth the appearance of lines as well as restore adipose volume resulting in a plumped, more radiant and visually rejuvenated appearance.


7 years of pioneering research by Dr Des Fernandes inspired the innovative Hydro-Lipidic Approac.


All skin types who wish to improve the appearance of lax skin and volume loss associated with ageing. [wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin]



Cosmetic needling prior to the application of 3DSynergé Filler Crème is recommended for advance Environ users.


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