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Advanced Nutrition Programme Food Intolerance Test£15.00

This unique YES / NO food intolerance test is the quick way to determine whether or not your symptoms could be food related. A home kit to obtain small blood sample with instructions.

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  • Simply send off your sample to Cambridge Nutritional Sciences, they will give a clear YES / NO answer as to whether your problems are related to food.
  • If negative, you can rule out food as the problem.
  • If positive, you will be contacted by Cambridge Nutritional Sciences who will offer you the option of analysing your same blood sample to identify specific foods.

Please note: if you receive a positive result to having a food intolerance, you have the choice for a more comprehensive tests from just £96 (charged from the food testing company, not KVL SKN). There are seven different options covering a wide variety of foods. They will use your same blood sample, and you will deal directly with the laboratory to organise your upgrade.


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